Wednesday, 22 June 2016

A la playa vamo'!


To change the feel a bit, considering this blog has had some rather heavier pieces as of late - I shall write an account of our Sunday at the beach. Our NGO director Eve Horowitz decided to take us all to a place just outside of the city La Ceiba (near Sambo Creek - a more Belizean sounding name) which is a kind of hotel/restaurant by the beach - Canadian owned.

The ride there was quite something, we all climbed in the back of her pickup truck and rode 'rough' -  Central American style. This being something like 10 people with an inch of space per person. It had been too long since doing this during my first time in Honduras so I enjoyed the experience thoroughly - despite the fact it gets terribly uncomfortable. The place itself was a truly beautiful spot with some gorgeous tropical scenery having us pass the afternoon swimming, sun-bathing (only the girls), photo-taking and sipping on ice-cold refreshments in the bar.

I didn't come to Honduras for a gringo style vacation - I've no wish to mingle amongst the whites frankly - yet I do concede these outings are of course relaxing and very enjoyable. The shoreline of Honduras is the most splendid and utterly beautiful I've seen of any country. We rode back to El Porvenir the same way - evading police stops by not sitting on the rim of truck. Everyone had to pile on top of each other in the hatch. Nothing like the smell of sweaty, salt-stained - sun cream wearing North Americans and Europeans...

Bottom photo: 'Paradise found' - absolutely. I noticed the small sign whilst strolling along the beach, it simply demanded a photo being entirely suitable in its capturing of the day's essence. Paraiso encontrado...

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