Sunday, 5 June 2016

Poverty in El Porvenir

I must say, that during the past week as I ventured for my first time into certain barrios or neighbourhoods of the large (and extremely flat) town of El Porvenir, I was indeed rather taken by the obvious state of poverty.

Walking through these zones - all just off the long main road running through the town, one notices the many different styles of dwellings in which people live. From palm-thatched and split-cane walled huts to dilapidating, wooden planked and adobe constructions - there are no fit looking buildings for inhabitation.

The children who live within these places come running out to greet you, their little clothes torn, barefoot - some appear just in pants. They've cuts and bruises on their young yet already haggard faces  yet they beam great smiles and laugh at every possible opportunity. Some of the parents hide in the confines of the houses however others will also come out to say hello to the passing gringos...

Photos below:

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